Amserdam, Holland, 1765
Artist: Jan Aarnout Bos
Silver, repousée, chased

Relatively few silver bookbindings of a Jewish nature are found originating in Holland. This example, with scenes of women from Bible stories, is perhaps unique. The four Biblical scenes all represent stories invoving women. This female iconography would suggest that it was intended for a prayerbook to be used by a woman.
On the spine is a table scene with a Shabbat lamp, further strengthening this assumption.

The scenes are rendered using a very Christian imagery. The maker of this binding, Jan Aarnout Bos, was particularly known for his silver bookbindings for Christian books. This is his only known piece for a Jewish client, so the Christian interpretation of the stories, taken mostly from the famous Mattheus Merian series of Protestant Biblical illustrations from the 17th century, is not surprising. There are two scenes with Eve, one with Judith and one with Esther.

Height: 16.2 cm, Width: 10.7 cm, Depth: 3 cm

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