Venice, Italy, c.1745
Parchment, ink, written, painted

This Scroll of Esther is one of a well-known group executed in sepia, and made by Aryeh Loeb ben Daniel of Goray, who emigrated from Poland to Venice, Italy, c.1740. There are two other recorded Scrolls of Esther by Aryeh Loeb dated 1730's in Poland.

In Venice, Aryeh Loeb kept some of the elements from his Polish work, but added new elements in keeping with his Italian surroundings. He used as a general model a printed Scroll of Esther from Holland dated c.1700. More than ten scrolls are known from his hand in collections, public and private. Other Italian scribes copied his work in later years.

Height: 27.5 cm, Length: 218 cm

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