Printer: Israel bar Avraham
Wandsbeck, Germany, 1732
Paper, ink, printed

This title page in the form of a gate is unique to the German city of Wandsbeck. The publication is the Book of Kings, with Rashi cmmentary and Yiddish translation. It was printed by the convert Israel bar Avraham. The printers mark at the bottom of the page shows a lion and a fox holding a crest surmounted by a crown. The crest is divided into two parts, one of which holds a bucket, a reference to the month of Shevat, and the other two fish, a clear reference to the Month of Adar. These may well be the birth months of the printer Israel bar Avraham and his son who worked with him.

Height: 17.2 cm; Width: 11 cm; Depth: 3 cm

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