Scribe: Chaim Israel Meir Mizrachi
Jerusalem, Eretz Israel, c.1850
Paper, colored inks

Chaim Israel Meir Mizrachi was a physician, author, kabbalist, poet, etc. He was born and he died in the Azerbaijan region of Iran but spent a good deal of his life in Jerusalem. He wrote several books and anthologies of liturgical poetry, of which this is one. Many of the poems here are by Israel Najara. Mizrachi was an excellent calligrapher and the poems appear in colored inks in many original forms and shapes, the arrangement of the text resulting in the form. Another similar manuscript by Mizrachi, and signed by him, is in the Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem. Other manuscripts, including massive medical books, exist as well.

Pages: 142
Height: 18.2 cm, Width: 9.6 cm,
Depth: 1.5 cm



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