(Torah Curtain)
Demmelsdorf, Bavaria, Germany 1764
Velvet, gold metallic thread, embroidered

In Bavaria some of the most beautiful embroidered Torah curtains were fashioned, often by Jewish male embroiderers. This central panel of the parochet probably was sewn onto a larger piece of precious woven brocade material. The rampant lions with double tails were typical of this area.

Height: 69 cm, Width: 48 cm

Inscribed: This belongs to the esteemed honorable teacher rabbi Ya'akov the son of the honorable teacher rabbi Avraham from Demmelsdorf with his wife, the modest and important Mrs. Fromet, the daughter of the honorable teacher rabbi Mordechai, may his light shine, from Somerhausen in the year (5)521 [=1760/61] according to the minor reckoning


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