(Torah Shield)

Rumania, 1851
Silver, partly gilt

Center, on heart: The Holy Torah Shield

Most tasim from Rumania have a distinctive style: the arch shape of the overall design, the unusual form of the bottom of the tas, the garlanded pillars and the very charming lions almost always used denote a Rumanian origin. This example bears two benign lions whose angelic faces stand out even among the many such animals that adorn Rumanian Torah shields. Jewish ritual silver from Rumania is rarely marked, so the maker remains unknown.

Height: 34.6 cm, Width: 28 cm
Inscribed: Center: The Tablets of the Law (the beginning words of the ten commandments)
Lower border: This holy object belongs to the Lord,
the affluent gentleman, our teacher the honorable Rav Reb Leib son of Avraham the year (5)611
[= 1851], according to the minor reckoning


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