Passover Haggadah
publisher: solomon proops
Amsterdam, Holland, 1712
Paper, ink, printed

This is the second edition of one of the most influential haggadot ever printed. The first edition of 1695 with the first copper plate engravings in the history of haggadah printing was subsequently copied in hundreds of edition, and continues to be reprinted to this day. The illustrations by Abraham Bar Ya'akov, a convert to Judaism, were based primarily on the Merian Bible illustrations. The finely rendered portraits of Moses and Aaron along with the scene of Moses and the burning bush are surrounded by drapery, as if presented on the stage of a theater. The elegant folding map of Eretz Israel at the back of the haggadah is one of the first maps of the Holy Land in Hebrew. This second edition is almost identical to the first. This example is a luxury edition with exceptionally large margins and fine paper.

Height: 40 cm, Width: 25 cmclose window