Book Binding
Verona, Italy, c1825
Maker: Alla Naveta d'Oro
Leather, silver

The custom of covering prayerbooks in fine bindings was a common custom in both Italy and Holland. This binding, a combination of fine leather and silver ornaments, is a fine example of a 19th-century piece. The silver marks are from the city of Verona. As most such bindings were made in Venice, this is a rare occurrence. Many Jewish families in Italy used coats of arms, which were often depicted on various ritual objects that were either owned by that family or donated by them to the synagogue.

This unidentified crest carries a tree. On the back of the book the indentically shaped silver cartouche depicts the monogram of the owner, "GC."

Height: 20.3 cm, Width: 13.6 cm; Depth: 2.1 cm

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