Seder Kinot le-Tish'ah be-Av
Vienna, Austria, 1864
Publisher: Jacob Schlossberg
Paper, ink

Many dirges have been written for recitation on Tish'ah be-Av, a day of fasting and mourning for the destruction of the Temple. This booklet of such poems has, on its title page, a picture of a harp hanging from a tree. The harp recalls Psalm 136:2 that bemoans the exile and the cessation of joyful music: "On the shores of Babylon the lyres were hung from the willows...." This image is often used in depicting the mourning Jews in Babylonian exile, yearning for lost Jerusalem.

Alternate numbers: b.1722

Height: 18.5 cm, Width: 11.6 cm, Depth: 0.5 m

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