You shall have no other gods but Me

Upper left-hand quadrant: … what is treated as a deity is prohibited, what is not treated as a deity is permitted." Mishna Avodah Zara 3:4

Upper right-hand quadrant: The ten generations from Adam to Noah (are recorded in Genesis) to make known how great God's patience; for all those generations continued provoking him, until he (finally) brought upon them the waters of the flood. Ethics of the Fathers 2:5

Lower left-hand quadrant: When the wicked Roman government decreed that the sages of Israel be put to death, his companions said to R. Ishmael the High Priest, "Go up to Heaven and inquire whether the decree has been inspired by the Holy One." The Ten Martyrs

Lower right-hand quadrant: And they did so. Aaron held out his arm with the rod and struck the dust of the earth, and vermin came upon man and beast; all the dust of the earth turned to lice throughout the land of Egypt. Exod. 8:13