SHOAH DREAMS (detail, anonymous boy in Ghetto)

This detail image shows an anonymous boy in the Warsaw Ghetto, wearing a zippered jacket, cap and long shorts. His wing was drawn from the wing of a dead pigeon the artist found on the sidewalk on Alaskan Way on the Seattle waterfront in 1998.

To his left can be seen two men in a "pedicab" in the Warsaw Ghetto. Pedicabs were unknown in Warsaw before WWII. They were used to transport people in the ghetto as most other transport had ceased to exist, the ghetto being completely sealed-in. Some pedicabs were powered by a man pushing it from behind while others were powered by a man pedaling it like a bicycle, akin to the rickshaws used as taxis in poorer cities in the world today, such as in Bombay, India. The wing immediately above the pedicab (as you view the detail; on the right side of the pedicab if you were looking at the pedicab right side up) is from a shorebird.