SHOAH DREAMS (detail, Tomas Kulka)

This detail image shows a boy whose name was Tomas Kulka. A photo of him appears in the 2000 Calendar published by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. The accompanying text of the calendar states: "Olomouc, Czechoslovakia, 1937. Because he was Jewish he was never allowed to attend school."

Two weeks before his 8th birthday, in May 1942, Tomas and his maternal grandmother died at Sobibor, one of the Nazi death camps in Poland. In the same year, his parents Elsa and Robert died in the Ossova labor camp in the Ukraine.

The drawing was two in two phases: First, an underlay of orange and reddish hues was painted using metallic drawing ink. Tomas's features, his cap and the birds wings were drawn over that, using fine point metal pen nibs dipped in bottled India ink.

The wing on his right shoulder (to the left of his head) is from an orange footed parakeet (the actual wing had green hues). The wing on Tomas's left shoulder (seen to the right of his head) was drawn from the underside of a speckled mousebird.