The triple-image photo was taken by a Nazi soldier during the time of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, each frame probably taken seconds apart. These Jewish young men and women, children and teens among them, were non-professionally trained. Armed with a small number of handguns, a few rifles and "Molotov cocktails" (gasoline-in-bottle bombs), they were no match for the German's machine guns, planes, tanks and flamethrowers.

Nevertheless, it took longer for the Germans to defeat 600-800 Jewish civilian fighters than it took the professional German Army to defeat the national armies of several European countries at the beginning of World War II.

In controlling their own deaths and by killing some of their Nazi murderers, these Jewish Holocaust victims were able to die with dignity, an act of monumental importance and meaning for them. The Nazis had systematically stripped not only life, but human dignity from so many of the victims of their brutal fascist campaign of racial cleansing.

Ink with colored pencil; 25 3/4" height x 36 3/4" width

The photo used for the drawing third frame on the right. The three photos must have been taken seconds apart

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