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Australia Trip Planning

The most popular types of lodging in Australia are hotels, many of which offer a wide range of amenities. In Australia, in order to operate as a hotel, the establishment must have at least six bedrooms and at least three must have private baths. Motels and motor inns are also plentiful in Australia, often found along roadsides and offering the minimal amount of amenities.

There are hostels in Australia and most offer bunk beds in a dormitory-style. Bathrooms are shared and there is usually a lounge as well as a kitchen.

One unique type of lodging option in Australia is a houseboat rental. There are many companies that offer rentals of houseboats that have full kitchens, bathrooms and multiple bedrooms. These are usually moored and are not meant to be used for water transportation. These are very popular in Lake Eldon and other areas along the coastline of Victoria. Some can accommodate up to 12 people.

In order to visit Australia, you must have a valid passport and there must be one blank page available for an entry stamp. A visa or Electronic Travel Authority is required and any amounts over AUD 10,000 must be declared. Most travelers visiting Australia for tourism or business purposes for less than 90 days should not have difficulty getting a visa. United States visitors with a valid ePassport can also use the SmartGate entry system.