Menasseh ben Israel to John Dury, 1649
During the turbulent period of the Puritan Revolution, theologians pursued the belief that the coming of the Millennium (the Second Coming and subsequent Redemption) would be preceded by the restoration of all Jews to the Holy Land, a return in which the Lost Tribes had to share. John Dury, chaplain to Mary, Princess of Orange, addressed a letter to the Dutch Jewish scholar Menasseh ben Israel, posing several questions regarding reports of Jewish tribes living in the New World (Montezinos' report, 1644). This is Ben Israel's response, which formed the basis of his bestseller, The Hope of Israel.

A. "I have written a treatise instead of a letter" [Amsterdam, 25 November 1649]
By the occasion of the questions you propose unto me concerning this adjourned Narrative of Mr. Antonio Montezinos, I, to give you satisfaction, have written a treatise instead of a letter, which I shortly will publish and whereof you shall receive as many copies as you desire. In this treatise I handle of the first inhabitants of America which I believe were of the Ten Tribes; moreover that they were scattered also in other countries, that they keep their true religion, as hoping to return into the Holy Land in due time....

B. "I prove at large that the day of the promised Messiah unto us draws near" [Amsterdam, 23 December 1649]

...I declare how that our Israelites were the first finders out of America; not regarding the opinions of other men, which I thought good to refute in a few words only; and I think that the Ten Tribes live not only there, but also in other lands scattered every where; these never did come back to the Second Temple, and keep till this day still the Jewish Religion, seeing all the prophecies which speak of their bringing back unto their native soil must be fulfilled:

So then at their appointed time, all the Tribes shall meet from all the parts of the world into two Provinces, namely Assyria and Egypt, nor shall their kingdom be any more divided, but they shall have one Prince - the Messiah, the Son of David. I do also set forth the Inquisition of Spain, and rehearse diverse of our Nation, and also of Christians, Martyrs, who in our times suffered several sorts of torments, and then having showed with what great honours our Jews have been graced also by several Princes who profess Christianity. I prove at large, that the day of the promised Messiah unto us doth draw near, upon which occasion I explain many Prophecies....