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  Searching for my German Father

Posted by Francis Bartholoma on 2001/11/06 11:13:43 US/Eastern

Searching for my German Father in or around Koblenz or Montabaur Germany.
1969 is the year I was born to a woman Birgit H. Bartholoma
My name (at birth) was Francis Michael Bartholoma. I was born November 25th 1969 in Montabaur Germany to Birgit H. Bartholoma. She less than a year after I was born married an american and we moved to the US.

I unfortunately do not have a name or any information on my Father. He would probably be in his 50's now and he would have dated my mother briefly in 1969 or 1968. My mother worked in Koblenz Germany at a little restaurant owned by someone by the last name of Matzi. Herr Matzi recently died.

My mother worked there and lived there. She had me in a hospital in Montabaur. I do not know what he name of it is.

I do not want anything from my birthfather. But I would like to hear from him if it's possible.
My mother married a wonderful man who has treated me very well to this day. But the curiosity is there about my real father.

IF you know of someone that meets these (slim i know) discription please contact me at

All I want is the chance to meet him. I do not think he knows he as a son (me). I am fairly sure my mother never told him.

Thanks SO much.


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