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Re: Ethical Monotheism
by Yitzhak on 2001/12/28 19:34:36 US/Eastern

First, many thanks for your reply and your best wishes.

To answer your question: this particular concern (and I am using the word in the sense of being, “relevant or important to” rather than being anxious or worried) is one of a number that have bubbled up as I try to work out my motivations for converting and to give some thought as to the denomination to convert into prior to making personal contact with a Rabbi.

My question is not about ethics but about ethical monotheism. To give you a bit more background, at the moment, it is near to impossible for me to separate historical perspective from religious belief and because of that, I find myself challenging the tenet of, “ethical monotheism” or, to be precise, the ethical part of it. For me, God is just God, his actions or inactions, are neither ethical or unethical and, in any case, who are we to judge?

So, I am trying to do some reconciliation.

You made me smile with your reassurance that conversion to Judaism was not necessary to lead a good and moral life. You then very succinctly put forward two reasons for conversion both of which struck a chord. Again, thank you.

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