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Re: Ethical Monotheism
by Carly on 2003/06/05 04:23:29 GMT-4

I answer to your questions are that Ethical Momtheism is the foundation of why we are Jews. It originated in the Shema, "I am your Lord G-d, The Lord is one." It is here that we see that we dedicate ourselves only to G-d. There is no real reason why we do, it is just considered a statute, we do it because G-d has told us to.

Nothing can limit the actions of G-d for He is above nature and divine, if anything perhaps you could say it does the complete opposite because we are all worshiping Him, just one G-d and not lots of G-ds, in which case it would be limited.

Ethical really means the way that people act towards each other and that we shoud act decently as it is G-ds primary demand of us to do so.

Ethics is really morals and standards, but there is a book called Ethics of the Fathers (Pirkei Avot) that could help you on how we define what is ethcial and what is not.

I hope that helps you out! I am a Jewish Studies A-Level student in London so hopefully my information answers your questions!

Bear in mind that Judaism is a religion of asking one qusetion and having a thousand different answers! It is relevant to ourselves by how we judge things.



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