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Re: Yiddish Theatre on Second Avenue, New York City
by Simcha Shtull on 2002/01/09 03:33:08 US/Eastern

The following sites may be helpful in finding information:

1. The Museum of the City of New York has an extensive Yiddish Theater Collection. It consists of a wide variety of material pertaining to Yiddish theater primarily in New York City. They have much archival material and should definitely be able to help you.

2. The American Jewish Historical Society - one of the largest repositories of American-Jewish information.

3. YIVO, also in New York City, has one of the largest repositories of American-Jewish collections and information.

4. See also the Yiddish Theatre Archives at :

5. Check out the Second Avenue Klezmer Ensemble ( California) whose music reflects a revival of interest in this music that blends the Jewish folk music of Eastern Europe with the songs of the Yiddish theatre. Now we know why they called themselves what they did!

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