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Re: Yiddish Theatre on Second Avenue, New York Cit
by Andrea Randall on 2003/03/04 19:06:22 US/Eastern

If someone has the time or inclination, NOW would be the time to find Mina Bern, Max Rechzeit, Fyvush Finkel, and even Avi Hoffman and get them to sit down with a tape recorder and tell stories of doing Yiddish Theatre in NY. We were doing Yiddish theatre in NY into the 1980's and 90's and not thru the Folksbiene. Ben Bonus was producing them in NYC in the autumn, and then would take them to Florida for the winter. Leo Fuchs was still doing his Chicken Flicka routine. Mina would play the ingenue (quite interesting for a woman in her 50's), as well as be the off-stage baby crying. Skipper Joe Davidson (professor emeritus of theatre at Brooklyn College and father to theatre impressario Gordon Davidson)would assist Ben in bringing the shows to Brooklyn, but then we would perform them in Manhattan for a 10 week run. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to work with these people. One I'm glad I had.

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