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Re: Torah and science
by Yermi on 2002/03/11 13:21:50 US/Mountain

Here are a couple examples Yakov where there appears to be some difference:

Genesis 1:14 says the stars were created after the earth. Science would say the presence of stars predated the earth (no stars, no nuclear fusion, no basic elements to build the earth and of course no sun to provide the light needed by the grass for photosynthesis).

Scientists tend not to believe in talking donkeys (Numbers 22:30) although talking asses may be another issue :-)

Maimonides in, "Guide for the Perplexed" Part II, chapters 4 to 9 talks about the Aristotlean concept of the heavenly spheres. Let me quote from chapter X:

"The arrangement of the Universe may therefore be assumed to be as follows: there are four spheres, four elements set in motion by them and also four properties which earthly beings derive from them ... "

That is not a widely held view today.



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