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Jewish Heritage Online Magazine ( is a web monthly devoted to Jewish text study, culture and heritage. Sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (NY), is a non-denominational webzine, without religious or political platform. JHOM recently entered its fifth year of publication.

Each monthly edition focuses on a different topic, among them: Dreams, Memory, Stones, Bread, Tears, Fish, Fire, Spices, Envy, Money, with articles crossing the spectrum of biblical and talmudic literature, mysticism, modern poetry, Hebrew language, art and music. An ever-expanding calendar section includes a rich array of articles with interesting and little-known angles about the current Jewish month and its festivals. includes a growing collection of exquisite, original electronic greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and others occasions.

Our readers are kind enough to let us know how much they love and find it useful and informative. We do not wish to ask for a subscription fee, nor do we want to clutter the magazine with unsightly banner ads. To ensure, then, the continued viability and dynamic growth of this important resource we turn to you today to contribute voluntarily any amount which you see fit. For this purpose, we urge you to make a contribution using the new Amazon Honor System.

Editor-in-chief: Simcha Shtull

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