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  Information required on Wielicska

Posted by Marvin Davidow on 2002/04/07 14:07:07 GMT-4

I am interested in Jewish Heritage in Poland. I will be there in about a week and I would like to get some information about a town called Wielicska, which is right outside of Crakow. I hoped you could perhaps
direct me
Thank You
Marvin Davidow
404 Portland Drive
610 356 0468

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Re: Information required on Wielicska
by Marvin Davidow on 2002/04/07 15:00:43 GMT-4

Hi Marvin,

Famous for the Salt mines...

If you have not enquired already you could try.

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research:

You may also get some information from Yad Vashem:

There is also:

Polish National Tourist Office

275 Madison Avenue, Suite 1711,

New York, NY 10016.

Tel: 212 338-9412

Fax: 212 338-9283


And there are organised tours to Wielicska from the Sofitel Hotel in Krakow.

I hope your trip is a rewarding one.

Best wishes,


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