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  Restoring and returning antiques

Posted by erik & elaina petrovich on 2000/05/21 06:23:16 US/Mountain

On a recent trip to Romainia I purchased An old seder plate made of pewter two chumesh texts one from 1812 and one from 1856 (both printed in Germany) and an old menorah.
I am looking for a place that can restore these items and I would like to see if I can find a history on these items. These are the first items of this type I have purchased and would like to improve their condition. Ultimately I would like to find the original family who owned these and if not possible hand them down to my sons. If you have any information that can help me please e-mail me back. I live in England. Thank you!

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Re: Restoring and returning antiques
by Tamar Tessler on 2000/05/22 07:46:10 US/Mountain

I am not quite sure why, but the fact that you acquired old Judaica moved me - perhaps because my father and husband both came from Roumania. I wonder perhaps if you would you share how it came about that you bought these items, where did you find them etc.

I don't know much about antiques by the way, other than the fact that you must not change anything unless you are a professional e.g. don't polish the plates etc. Much of their value can be lost otherwise.

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