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  Looking for Tchernichovsky anthology

Posted by Paul Ehrlich on 2000/06/05 23:42:32 US/Mountain

Kudos on your web site. I noticed than one of the items for the topic of the month, Birds, is a poem by Saul Tchernichovsky. I have been searching for an anthology of his work for some time now. Could you possibly put me in contact with someone who might know where I can purchase one? I'd be very appreciative.
Thank you.

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Re: Looking for Tchernichovsky anthology
by Shoshana on 2000/06/29 01:46:56 US/Mountain

1) Try this link to an online bookstore (mostly used books), specializing in translations of Hebrew literature:


2) The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (in Tel Aviv) has a database of Hebrew poetry in translation which they could produce for you. They would probably know which anthologies are availble. They can be reached at: or fax 972-3-5796832

3. The West Side Judaica Bookstore in Manhattan, NY has an amazing collection of Hebew poetry anthologies. You might try to contact them too.

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Re: Looking for Tchernichovsky anthology
by Arieh Lebowitz on 2000/07/06 16:40:34 US/Mountain

Strongly suggest you try the used book websites

for starters. Also try looking for material via

these places:

Finally, consider the Jewish Book Council,

based in New York at 15 East 26th Street, NYC NY 10016

>> Arieh Lebowitz

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