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  Israeli children's games: chamesh avanim/five

Posted by Debbie on 2000/07/29 23:25:14 US/Mountain

I was looking on the web for information about kugelach/chamesh avanim/five stones and this is the only place I found them mentioned, but only in passing. I was wondering if you could refer me to any website which discusses them in more detail.

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Re: Israeli children's games: chamesh avanim/five
by Daylene Wolf on 2001/01/16 05:12:26 US/Mountain

I am also interested in Israeli Children's Games, as I am a Brownie Leader, and Israel is our country of choice for our Troop's "Thinking Day." We are looking for any and all information on games children play (traditional or modern) for the girls to demonstrate. Thank you.

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