What are the special duties of angels?

As will be pointed out, angels are delegated special duties, and one of them is appointed to function in connection with prayer. It was said: "After all the places of worship have completed their services, the angel who is appointed over prayer gathers up all the devotions which had been offered in all the places of worship, forms them into crowns and sets them upon the head of the Holy One, blessed be He."[1]

Since this is a homily on the verse, "0 Thou that hearest prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh come,"[2] the intention could not possibly be to describe the angel as an intermediary between the worshipper and God. Such an idea would be in direct contradiction with the general teaching that "He is near to all who call upon Him in truth." We have to see in the passage nothing more than a play on the word adecha (unto Thee), the consonants of which are capable of being read as edyecha (Thy adornment); and the prayers alluded to are doubtless the expressions of praise of God which are prominent in the Hebrew service.

footnotes [1] Exodus Rabah 21:4
[2] Psalms 65:2