"David gets Uriyya drunk"
Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem
150x160 cm, 1983

II Samuel 11

David said to Uriyya:
Stay here today as well; tomorrow I will send you back.
So Uriyya stayed in Jerusalem on that day.

Now on the morrow David had him called and he ate and drank in his presence,
and he made him intoxicated.
And he went out at sunset to lie down in his lying-place with his lord's servants;
but to his house he did not go-down.

So it was in the morning
that David wrote a letter to Yo'av and sent it by the hand of Uriyya;

he wrote in the letter, saying;
Put Uriyya right at the front of the battle, the strongest-point,
and turn-back behind him, so that he is struck-down and dies.

So it was,
when Yo'av had observed the city,
that he placed Uriyya at the place where he knew that there were men of valor;

and when the men of the city went out to do-battle with Yo'av,
there fell (some) of the fighting-people, of David's servants,
and there also died Uriyya the Hittite.