"The General warns David to cease mourning Absalom"
Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
100 x 100 cm, 1995

II Samuel 19

When Yo'av came to the king in the palace-house,
he said:
Today you have shamed the face of all your servants
who helped your life escape today
and the life of your sons and daughters, and the life of your wives, and the life of your concubines–

by loving those-who-hate-you, and by hating those-who-love-you!
For you have declared today that you have no commanders or servants;
for I know today that if Avshalom were alive, and all of us today were dead,
that then it would be right in your eyes!

So-now, arise, go-out
and speak to the heart of your servants,
for by YHWH I swear, that if you do not go-out,
no man will lodge with you tonight,
and this will be evil for you
more than all the evils that have come upon you from your youth until now!