I fear no one,
Nor am I ashamed,
Because my profession
Was handed down to me,
Decent and fine, fine, fine, fine
A thief, as thief is good to be!

Who has not heard
Of my mother Zlatke,
Who, every day, would
From another meat stall,
Not steal, but take, only take.

About my father,
The whole city knew:
Yitschok Pobitnik,
Who seeks only horses,
Not steal, but take, only take.

And my sister too,
Is well known-
Yente, the shorty,
With the long hand-
Who doesn't believe in stealing,
But only in taking, in taking.

Before I die,
I will leave to my children,
This testament,
To each and everyone one of them:
Not to steal, but only to take, only to take.