There is a Temple in Heaven that is opened only through song
(Tikkunei Zohar)


JHOM.com celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Zamir Choral movement with a feature on choral music, with special focus on the Zamir Chorale of Boston. We invite our readers to enjoy several webcast recordings of Zamir performances

Zamir Chorale
view enlarged

Enjoy also a RealAudio interview with Founder and Artistic Director of the Zamir Chorale of Boston, Joshua Jacobson

A heavenly song
: Choir in Jewish tradition
The Editor

The first Jewish choir — 1312 BCE: Or was that two choirs
James L. Kugel

"And their praise grew louder…": Levitical song in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem

Renaissance musiciansPomp, circumstance and choral music
Inaugural welcome of the head of the Babylonian Jewish community
Amnon Shiloah

Synagogue choral music in Renaissance Italy
And a letter to the Jewish public championing the trend (1628)

Salamone Rossi Hebreo and the Italian Renaissance
Joshua Jacobson

Louis Lewandowski — the first synagogue choir director
And two of Lewandowski's liturgical compositions
sung by the Zamir Chorale of Boston

From Ha-Zomir to Zamir 100 years of the Jewish Choral Movement
Joshua Jacobson

choirThe Zamir Chorale of Boston
Jennifer Turvey with Joshua Jacobson

Cuando El Rey Nimrod: A Ladino folksong
"When Nimrod went into the Fields" / Choral rendition by Zamir Chorale
Yossi Zucker

Nightingales, Sabbath melodies, and tree pruning
Hebrew rootword: z-m-r




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