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  Looking for Jewish roots in Boston

Posted by John Foscaldi on 2000/05/21 06:39:09 US/Mountain

My full name, According to a not so authentice birth certificate reads "John Albert Foscaldi" Born November 5, 1944 at the Moore Hospital {private/Jewish/Orthodox!} Brockton, Massachusetts.

According to my father, Francis J. Foscaldi, my benefactor was a gentleman by the name of Harry Gilson, whom my father worked for and was accepted into the Gilson family and treated as a son. Also, according to my father, as a showing of loyalty to Mr. Gilson, plus I was first male born of my father and my families generation, I was blessed and circumcised on the eigth day.

I just finished doing a personal [last name, Foscaldi] heritage search, first through Itlay, then then through imigration records, then were I was suppose to have been born. Each time the search came back, No Match!

My mother is still alive, but does not speak to me, and even when she does the first moment I upset her in the least, her {angry} reply, "I'm not your mother, your not my son, my son is dead".

I'm now fifty four years old, I've tried to find answers before but gave up easily, especially when I was told what I wanted to hear. Even though my parents were devote Catholics, they did not force me to follow their way.

I NEED to find out exactly who I am. I don't mean spiritually because I've always known that my soul is Hebrew and nothing will change that! I have found no computer or Temple records from the city were I was born. When I ask my Jewish friends that still remember the Hospital {Moore Hospital} that was owned, operated and attached to the Synegogue on the Corner of Newberry St. and Highland Ave. in Brockton MA. the first response is "Oh, so you were adopted?", or, even better yet.... You do know that in 1944 we were sumggling Jewish babies into this county and did whatever it took to find homes and parents!

Am I Jewish, if so, what is my real name? If, physically I'm not Jewish, and since I know that my Soul is Hebrew, maybe you can lead me from here and take me home. Thank You and Shalom

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