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Jewish Heritage Online Magazine (JHOM.com) is an innovative web monthly with some 2000 screens devoted to the study of classic and modern Jewish texts, culture and heritage. Founded in 1995 and originally sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (NY), JHOM.com is an independent, non-denominational webzine, without religious or political platform. Currently the site is no longer being actively developed. The materials are made freely available with hosting support provided by Zoteca.com

Each monthly edition focuses on a different topic, among them: Dreams, Memory, Stones, Bread, Tears, Fish, Fire, Spices, Envy, Money, Angels, with articles crossing the spectrum of biblical and talmudic literature, mysticism, modern poetry, Hebrew language, art and music. A calendar section includes a rich array of articles with interesting and little-known angles about the current Jewish month and its festivals. JHOM.com includes a growing collection of exquisite, original electronic greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and others occasions,

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Small excerpts from the magazine may be quoted for personal use (e.g., in a school report) or in a review or scholarly analysis, with appropriate attribution: "© Jewish Heritage Online Magazine, www.jhom.com, © 2011." Live links should be included in online usage. In all other cases, permission must be requested in advance. Posting any part of the site on another web site or framing parts of the site without permission is a copyright infringement.

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Publisher and editor-in-chief: Simcha Shtull

Simcha is currently working as a psychotherapist out of Seattle.
Her website may be visited at www.simchashtull.com.



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