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  Operation Jewish Education

Posted by George Hanus on 2000/09/01 00:23:47 US/Mountain

Currently, the organized Jewish community and its various philanthropic agencies are racing about in a frenzied fashion to study the problems of assimilation and intermarriage and their impact on Jewish continuity. The answer to these and many other questions was given 4,000 years ago at Mount Sinai. If we want Jewish continuity, it is our Biblical mandate to Jewishly educate our youth. It is that simple.

The Torah dictates the obligation of v'shinantam l'vanecha ("and you shall teach your children"). It is recited three times daily in the Shema. It is a communal obligation to furnish affordable (or better yet, free) intensive Jewish education to all children who seek it, irrespective of family financial status or stream of religious commitment. A community that does not educate its youth is doomed to extinction.

We must seize the moment for Klal Yisrael and devote our utmost efforts to promote the funding of these endowments and fulfillment of the obligation of v'shinantam l'vanecha. We must stand and assume our responsibility and not squander this singular opportunity.

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