Confessing in alphabetical order: Edition 15: Letters
The Editor

Writing in ancient times: The emerging Hebrew alphabet and Israelite literary activity

Why the Psalmist omitted the vav (and concluced with peh)
: The secret of the ATBaSH acrostic
Saul Leeman

Inscribing the alphabet on gravestones: Alphabet inscriptions on ancient Jewish graves and their meaning
Alice J. Bij de Vaate

Why the foot of gimmel is turned towards daled; and other interesting tidbits
How Jewish children were taught the Hebrew alphabet in rabbinic times.
Abraham Cohen

Discovering the secrets behind the letters
: Gematria: the numerical value of words and the meanings they reveal

Hebrew Letters in Jewish Art
: An introduction
Ida Huberman

Interlaces and grotesques at the nib of his pen
: The art of Hebrew micrography — minute writing in shapes
Leila Avrin

Eagles and pear trees, pigeons and galoshes: Yiddish alphabet songs for the young and the poor
Ruth Rubin

The most popular of Yiddish songs — Der alef-beyz (The aleph-bet)
a.k.a.Oyfn pripetshok (On the Hearth) — with RealAudio
Ruth Rubin

The Tale of the Scribe: a short story by S.Y. Agnon: Raphael writes a Torah scroll in memory of his beloved wife
Intro. by Alan Mintz and Anne Golomb Hoffma

Letters that make you wise: Hebrew rootword lesson: Aleph-vav-tav
Joseph Lowin




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