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Click on a selection below to hear an interview with Samuel Bak, conducted in April 2000 by JHOM Managing Editor, Jennifer Turvey.

JHOM has also made available a print summary of the interview.

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1   Family History: Bak: Bet Kuf — "Children of Martyrs." Vilna, Sfat, and Jerusalem.

2   Painting Jewish symbols and Jewish history is like repairing broken vessels

3   Light in Bak's paintings. "Hope is a crucial thing. It keeps human nature together and makes the mind and body function."

4   Repairing the broken vessels of worldly life. "I am grateful to my art."

5   "I realized I had a story to tell." Exchanging 'stylish' art for a deeper, truer one.

6   The continuous struggle of making art. Jacob struggling with the stranger.

Destinies detail7   The many trees in Bak's paintings.

8   Tragic, Sad, Sweet. Memories of childhood in the Vilna Ghetto.

9   Childhood, part II.: Surviving the Holocaust in a Benedictine convent.

10  The child prodigy.: "When I was three or four I was a very talented painter, but I wanted to sell candies with a little monkey in the public gardens, I wanted to be a policeman. . . "

11  Judeo-Christian symbols. The painting "Nuremberg Elegie."

12  The process of creating a painting. Intellectual and intentional, but also spontaneous.

13  Mentors spanning the history of art and a personal library of thousands of volumes.


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