Moritz Oppenheim - Cremieux goblet

Goblet for Adolphe Crémieux, 1842

Silver and bronze, parcel-gilt
Private collection
from the Exhibition Moritz Daniel Oppenheim: Jewish Identity in Nineteenth Century Art,
YU Museum, Jan. 31 - August 31, 2001.

This goblet was commissioned by Charlotte von Rothschild for Adolphe Cremieux as a token of thanks for interceding on behalf of the Frankfurt Jewish community, which had been falsely accused of ritual murder during the so-called Damascus Affair in 1840. Charlotte de Rothschild and Betty de Rothschild presented the thank you gifts to Adolphe Cr?mieux and Sir Moses Montefiore. The two prominent Jewish personalities, along with another — James de Rothschild — had mobilized international opinion on behalf of the Jews of Damascus through the press, and had succeeded in having the charges dropped.

The goblet, paid for by donations from the Frankfurt Jewish community, was part of a complete centerpiece, accompanied by a bowl. The goblet's stem portrays a knight slaying a dragon. Together with the bowl, it presents an allegory of divine reason triumphing over violence.[1]

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[1] Weber, Annette. "Moritz Daniel Oppenheim and the Rothschilds" in Heuberger, Georg and Anton Merk, eds. Moritz Daniel Oppenheim: Jewish Identity in 19th Century Art. Catalog of an exhibition at the J?disches Museum, Frankfurt, December 16 1999-April 2, 2000. Copyright ? 1999 Wienand Verlag, J?disches Museum, Frankfurt. P. 175.

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