Audio webcast interview with author Aharon Appelfeld Photo: Hadar Shtull-Trauring

How does one live after surviving injustice? What satisfaction comes from revenge? Can the past be left behind? The Iron Tracks is a haunting exploration of one survivor's complex, wrenching inner world.

Ever since he was released from a concentration camp forty years earlier, Erwin Siegelbaum has been obsessively riding the trains of postwar Austria. His days are filled with drink, his nights with brief love affairs and the torments of his nightmares. What keeps him sane is his mission to collect the menorahs, kiddush cups, and holy books that have survived their vanished owners. And the hope that one day he will find the Nazi officer who murdered his parents and have the strength to kill him.

Interview with Aharon Appelfeld

Selection from The Iron Tracks

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