During the celebrations of Passover which took place during the month of Nisan, it was inevitable that individuals were unavoidably absent from Jerusalem, due to ritual uncleanliness or other personal circumstances. These individuals therefore missed out on sacrificing the paschal lamb on the proper date.

A concession was made to enable such persons to offer the sacrifice a month later. The only recorded instance of the celebaration of Pesah Sheni ("the second Passover") was by King Hezekiah, King of Judah from 727-698 BCE. After consulting with "the princes of the congregation in Israel" Hezekiah (II Chronicles 30:2).

Pesah Sheni, on the 14th of Iyyar is marked today by the ommission of the Tahanun prayers of supplication, and in some communities by the eating of a piece of matzah. Some Orthodox Jews put aside three pieces of matzah during Passover and save them to be eaten on Pesah Sheni.


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