About the month of Sivan: Important facts and figures

Shavuot: Feast of Weeks

Special Shavuot feature
in the JHOM Judaica Art Gallery

The Many Faces of Ruth
Shavuot basics

Meanings for Shavuot: Agricultural festival or time of the giving of the Torah?
Francine Klagsbrun

The use of symbolism and hidden messages in the Book of Ruth
Raphael B. Shuchat

"With baskets on our shoulders..."
: A popular Shavuot song
Sung by the Zamir Chorale of Boston

"And I betroth you to me forever": A celestial marriage certificate for Shavuot
Israel Majara (16th-cent. poet and mystic)

Flowers, leaves, boughs and trees: The floral traditions of Shavuot

Blintzes and sour cream, wherefore? The culinary art of Shavuot

Ashkenazi and Sephardi (dairy) recipes for Shavuot
Claudia Roden

King Agrippa and the Firstfruits:
A short story for children
Samuel Shihor

Animal-headed harvesters: in an illustrated 14th-century S. German manuscript
Joseph Gutmann

Shavuot and the paradigm of marital union: A mystical view of the Shavuot festival rituals
David S. Ariel

"The Book of Ruth and Naomi":
A contemporary poem about love and friendship
Marge Piercy


The Jewish calendar: How it is calculated and when it was established
The Jewish calendar: Solar/lunar structure
The zodiac in Jewish tradition



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