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Hebrew expression
Translation/ sources
mal'ach (mal'achim, pl.)

Angel (Angels)
"The Lord, the God of heaven... He will send His angel before you" (Genesis 24:7)

mal'ach hamavet
malachei habala
Angels of destruction (post-Biblical)
malachei hasharet
Ministering angels perform the priestly functions in God's celestial court (Bible, Talmud, Zohar)
malachei shalom
Angels of peace who protect the worshipper on his way from the synagogue.
mishlakhat malachei ra'im
Mission of evil angels; literary expression for those who bring trouble and disaster
malach hamavet kulo male einayim
The angel of death is all eyes (i.e., there is no escape from death; the angel of death will reach you everywhere).
malachei elyon
Angels of the upper (celestial) realm, as envisaged in the Talmud.
saraph (serphim)
Synonym for angel (Isaiah 6:2). In the Passover Haggadah we say that God and "not an angel, nor a saraph" took the people of Israel out of Egypt
kruv (kruvim, pl.); kruva (Aramaic)
Cherub: name of an angel (Genesis 3:24). Also the name of the golden winged image on the Ark of the Covenant in the Tabernacle and in the Holy Temple (Exodus 25:20)
malachut Mission (Haggai 1:13)
er'el Lit., lion of God: Angel, emissary (Isaiah 33:7); Popular girl's name in Israel today.


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