Free as a bird

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Modern usage

ohf vertebrate belonging to the class Aves (Genesis 1: 20, 30) bird, chicken
ben-ohf son of a bird (BT Ketubbot 5a) chickchick
ohf hagas coarse bird (Hullin 3:1) large bird such as turkey or goose
ohf hadak thin bird (Hullin 3:1) small bird, such as a dove
ohf kanaf S

winged bird
(Genesis 1:21)

ohf hashamayim yoleech et ha-kol

"for a bird of the air may carry your voice"
(Ecclesiastes 10:20)

Nothing can be kept a secret forever.
melech ha-ohfot king of the birds eagle
sheretz ha-ohf

creeping/crawling bird
(Leviticus 11:21)

winged insects
khol ohf l'mino yishkon u'ven adam ladome lo. "Every bird lives with its own type and people with those who are similar to them." (BT Baba Kamma 92b) similar to "Birds of a feather flock together."
standing tern
tzippora female bird woman's name;
affectionate nickname for "bird"
tzipporit little bird;
alternative word for bird
affectionate nickname for a beloved girl (used in modern Hebrew literature)
soaring seagull



from a bird's flight
similar to: "a bird's eye view"
tzippor-dror liberty bird (BT Bezah 24a) sparrow
tzippor-nefesh soul bird (BT Baba Kamma 100b)

bird of paradise
Sensitive area where the throat joins the chest where it is easy to injure the person;
the most precious part, especially of a person's spirit or identity
tzippor-eden bird of paradise


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