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Although, Hebrew words derived from the three-letter root usually have related meanings, there are instances in which completely different groups of meaning use the same root. This month's root graphic Hebrew [z-m-r] is an example of this. Some words derived from z-m-r have meaning related to music and singing while others related to fruit trees


Hebrew expression

Literal translation/
literary sources

Modern usage

graphic Hebrew


Song of Songs Rabbah: "When a man is young he sings songs." song

graphic Hebrew


nightinggale nightingale

name of modern Jewish choral movement

graphic Hebrew


Genesis 43:11 (meaning 2)

1) singing, music

2) best fruits

graphic Hebrew, graphic Hebrew

zamar, zameret (n)

Ezra 7:24
Mishna Kelim 19:7

singer (male, female)

graphic Hebrew


The Hebrew phrase "Klei-zemer" is the origin of the yiddish word "klezmer" -- instrumental music played at weddings and other festive occasions. musical instruments

graphic Hebrew


The next International Z'miriyah will take place in Jerusalem, 30 July - 9 August 2001. festival of choral music

graphic Hebrew

tziporim hadashim - zmirot hadashot

lit. "New birds, new songs"

Expression used by the poet Hayim Nahman Bialik.

New things come and replace the old ones.

graphic Hebrew

naim z'mirot yisrael

lit: "sweet singer of Israel"

2 Samuel 23:1

King David


et ha zamir hagi'a

"The time of the nightingale has come."

Song of Songs 2:12

Spring has come.

graphic Hebrew



1) singing, music

2) pruning excess branches

graphic Hebrew

shalach hazmoira el apo

Ezekiel 8:17: lit: "sent a branch to his nose." belittled


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