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Lion, in Akkadian aria, in Aramaic arya (II Samuel 17:10) lion
Lion (Numbers 24:9; Hagiga 13b; BT Baba Kama 117a)
lion, also an important person
Acronym for Eretz Yisrael In modern Hebrew, the acronym with letters aleph-yod is more commonly used for Eretz Yisrael
sea lion

sea lion

heve zanav la'arayot
ve-al tehi rosh leshualim
"Be a tail for the lion rather than a head for the foxes" (Pirkei Avot 4:15)
It is better to be the least impressive in a group of great men and scholars, than to be the leader of inferior people.
"Judah is a lion's whelp; on prey, my son, have you grown..." (from Jacob's blessing; Genesis 49:9) whelp, young lion, lion cub
hitgaber ke'ari
Overcame like a lion (BT Berahot 3b; Shulhan Aruch 8) Strengthen oneself in order to accomplish the task at hand
ari ben shual
Lion, son of a fox (BT Baba Metzia 84) A great Torah scholar from a modest, simple family background
shen ha'ari
lion's tooth name of a plant

lo'a ha'ari

lion's jaw
name of a plant
kefir, kefir-arayot
"...a strong lion came roaring at him" (Judges 14:5); "...strong lions roaring for their prey" (Psalms 104:21) strong, young lion
shakhal "The roar of the aryeh, and the voice of the shakhal" (Job 4:10) another biblical name for a lion

BT Sanhedrin 95:71


Aryeh and Ari (lion) and Ariel (lion of God) — and their Yiddish equivalents, Leib or Loeb — have been common Jewish names.

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