Enjoy Skalerika de Ora a Sephardic wedding song, sung by Voice of the Turtle

Enjoy three Passover songs sung by Voice of the Turtle

Read also about the meaning behind the name Voice of the Turtle.

Since 1978, the original four members of Voice of the Turtle, Derek Burrows, Lisle Kulbach, Jay Rosenberg and Artistic Director Judith Wachs, have dedicated their energies toward studying and presenting the beautiful and compelling musical repertoire of the Spanish Jews

Concerts of Sephardic music were a rare occurrence when they began twenty-one years ago. Since then, many thousands of people — children and adults — have been introduced to this music for the first time through Public Radio broadcasts, concerts and eleven recordings. These musical treasures, remembered, created, adopted and adapted during 500 years, continue to exert their power.


Click on a selection below to hear an interview with Judith Wachs, Artistic Director of Voice of Turtle, conducted in March 2000 by JHOM Managing Editor, Jennifer Turvey.

Abridged transcript of interview

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