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"Glückel von Hameln" was assigned to her in 1896 by the editor of the first published edition of the Yiddish memoirs. It was a good German-sounding first name and a last name with an aristocratic "von" that evoked her husband, Chaim, born in the town of Hameln. But it was "Glikl" that circulated in the Yiddish accents around her and in the written name in the seventeenth century (whereas a woman's signature in the Jewish mode associated her not with her husband but with her father).

I call Glikl by the Jewish name she is most likely to have used herself: Glikl bas Judah Leib, Glikl daughter of Judah Leib, the name she chose among her father's names to give to her son born after his death.

excerpted Barnes & Noble linkFrom: Natalie Zemon Davis. Women on the Margins. Copyright © 1995 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College (Cambridge: Harvard University Press), pp. 8-9. Reprinted by permission of the author.




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