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  Information required on Wielicska

Posted by Marvin Davidow on 2002/04/07 14:07:07 GMT-4

I am interested in Jewish Heritage in Poland. I will be there in about a week and I would like to get some information about a town called Wielicska, which is right outside of Crakow. I hoped you could perhaps
direct me
Thank You
Marvin Davidow
404 Portland Drive
610 356 0468

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  German and Polish genealogy - are we related?

Posted by Alice Josephs on 2002/01/29 12:21:47 US/Eastern

I am researching my family tree, originating in Hesse and Baden Württemberg, Germany and Ciechanow and Pultusk in Poland. The names are STERN/STARR, MELA, HERZ, ROESSLER, MAY, HOCHSCHILD, MAYERFELD, DON, JOSEPHS, MARKUS, GRÜN (GRUEN,GREEN), GRÜNEWALD (GRUENEWALD). The towns are ...
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  Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw needs help

Posted by Krys Bienkowski on 2002/01/22 17:15:49 US/Eastern

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  Torah and science

Posted by Aryeh Moshe on 2002/01/09 04:03:09 US/Eastern

Aren't there places in the Gemarah and the Torah's commentators where they seem to contradict science? How should a Jew view these opinions that seem scientificly false? (Can you please give examples of these opinions? I think some are that the Rambam describes stars in a false manner. Also the Gemarah, maybe Rashi, has a discussion on if the earth revolves around the sun or vise-versa...)
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  Yiddish Theatre on Second Avenue, New York City

Posted by Harold Ehrlich on 2002/01/09 03:17:23 US/Eastern

I am very interested in Yiddish theatre and am now doing a study of it. I would very much like to know anything you could tell me about the actual Yiddish theatres of New York City that were on Second Avenue. Also could you tell me something about which of the plays of Shalom Aleichem, i. l. Peretz and Mendele Mocher Soferim were actually performed; and who are the other playwrights whose plays were actually performed. Thank you very much.
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  Jewish gravestones

Posted by Viktor Lewin on 2002/01/03 17:31:57 US/Eastern

August the 22th of this year will mark sixty years since the last Jew was marched out of Losice, Poland.
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  Jews in Weimar Berlin: New exhibit at Leo Baeck Institute, NY

Posted by Renata Stein on 2001/12/05 08:40:39 US/Eastern

The Perils of Prominence: Jews in Weimar Berlin
LBI Exhibition, December 5, 2001 through March 2002

* Leo Baeck Institute Gallery, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16 Street, New York, NY 10011; Tel: (212) 744-6400
* Gallery hours: Mondays through Thursdays: 11 - 4:30 pm
* Catalogue essay by David Clay-Large

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  Ethical Monotheism

Posted by Yitzhak on 2001/11/29 14:03:57 US/Eastern

I am thinking about conversion to Judaism (Yitzhak would be my choice for my Hebrew name) and naturally a number of questions are arising. It would be good to hear the opinions of others hence, I am posting here in the hope that there will be a response. Or, better still, several.
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  looking for Jewish Artists

Posted by Dalia Finkelstein on 2001/11/19 09:28:46 US/Eastern

I am in my final year of an art degree course in Manchester, England.

I am writing a dissertation on 'Art and the Jewish Soul'

so I am currently looking for artists that portray the Jewish Soul in their work, if anyone knows of artists please can you let me know,

Thank you for your help,
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  Searching for my German Father

Posted by Francis Bartholoma on 2001/11/06 11:13:43 US/Eastern

Searching for my German Father in or around Koblenz or Montabaur Germany.
1969 is the year I was born to a woman Birgit H. Bartholoma
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