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  looking for Jewish Artists

Posted by Dalia Finkelstein on 2001/11/19 09:28:46 US/Eastern

I am in my final year of an art degree course in Manchester, England.
I am writing a dissertation on 'Art and the Jewish Soul'
so I am currently looking for artists that portray the Jewish Soul in their work, if anyone knows of artists please can you let me know,
Thank you for your help,

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Re: looking for Jewish Artists
by Rebecca Weisman on 2002/01/22 11:21:36 US/Eastern

Hi Dalia,

I'm not an artist, but I am an educator trying to teach Bar/Bat Mitzvah students about "Jewish artists" and genre of art.

Do you have any quick suggestions for me of books or resources/websites I can use to plan this class? I'm looking for biographical information and pictures of their works. We then will try to do some type of project to "model" the type of art (e.g. papercutting, accordion folding paper to similate an appearance of Agam's work, tissue paper stained class for Chagal, etc.)

Thanks for your suggestions. Best of luck as you complete your studies.

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Re: looking for Jewish Artists
by kathy hart on 2002/01/23 19:31:12 US/Eastern

please feel free to check out photos of my work at (not completely current, but you get the idea)

good luck on your project.

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Re: looking for Jewish Artists
by cleetus friedman on 2002/03/24 12:51:14 US/Eastern


I am a Jewish performance artist in Chicago fusing comedy and hip-hop. Feel free to check out my website.

Listen to "Jewpac and Dr. Dreidel" in my Audio section.

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