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  Jewish gravestones

Posted by Viktor Lewin on 2002/01/03 17:31:57 US/Eastern

August the 22th of this year will mark sixty years since the last Jew was marched out of Losice, Poland.

Jews from the towns of Sarnaki,Mordy,and Losice were herded together like cattle and forced to march to Siedlce.From Siedlce they were taken to their untimely and brutal deaths at Treblinka.In this same time frame the Nazis were busy stealing gravestones,or macevas from the Jewish cemeteries in those towns mentioned above.An estimated number of 100 macevas were then used to pave a courtyard within the town of Losice. Just by coincidence the building adjacent to the courtyard was occupied by the Nazi military police of the area.
Many attempts have been made to reclaim these gravestones,on some the inscriptions are still readable,but all have ended in failure.
Once again another attempt is in the process of being launched.The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles has volunteered it's offices to act as a repository for a petition,which when completed will be sent to the town council in Losice.
To participate in this project please contact The Jewish Observer at(818)981-1244 leaving your name and your support for the Losice petition,even if you encounter an answering machine.
Thank you for this opportunity.Shalom. Regards,Viktor Lewin.

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