Adding hues and colors
to your life
The Editor

The Ashes of the Red Heifer: From pagan to priestly practice (and doing it because it says so)
Jerome Malino

Tekhelet: color of the sea, the sky, and the throne of glory: The famous blue dye used for the fringes of the tallit

The kaleidoscope of human emotion: Hebrew expressions which put color in our cheeks

Earth's embroidery: a medieval poem: How the rains of autumn paint the earth with colors
Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Judas' red hair and the Jews: Antipathy to red hair: so simple, yet so complicated
Ruth Mellinkoff

Burying the dead in simple white shrouds: The history and meaning behind the traditional use of tahrihim
Anita Diamant

Blue and white: where it all began: The evolution of the Israeli flag

A Hebrew lesson: Rootword z-v-a: Painters, pigment and hypocrisy




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